1573 - 1573

The House of Insurance

This date refers us to the oldest reference of the House of Insurance.
It cannot safely be stated that there was a formal act of its constitution, or that the House of Insurance was a notary office where the scribe, instituted in 1529, performed his duties.
The merchants would prefer to celebrate their insurance without the intervention of the coordinating entity, and the central government has never been interested in imposing the authority attributed to the Insurance House of Lisbon.
It operated on Rua Nova dos Ferros, but was destroyed during the 1755 earthquake, as well as its documentary archives.


“A Companhia de Seguros Bonança – Notícia Histórica” by José Hermano Saraiva


Image caption
Rua Nova dos Mercadores, in Lisboa. Anonymous author, c. 1570-1590. London, Kelmscott Manor Collection – Society of Antiquaries of London
Also known as Rua Nova dos Ferros because of the longitudinal railing, as seen on the first picture.
Picture extracted from “Mediavalista online”/ Artigos/ 20-2016 by Luísa Trindade