1592 - 1592

Establishment of the Consulate Court, supervising the insurance and rights recoveries in its execution

The Lisbon Consulate Court, a legal institution of a merchant type, appeared in 1592 as part of the framework of the judicial institutions, particularly the portuguese, during the philippine period.
It was in effect for about a decade, ending in 1602. King Dom Filipe II wanted to standardise the jurisdiction of merchants in the ports of the European and South American continents.
The headquarters of the Consulate in Lisbon was located between Casa da Misericórdia and Porta do Corpo Santo.


Lusíada University. Law. Oporto Nº. 7 e 8 (2013)/ Summary “Reis e mercadores: o consolado de Lisboa (1592-1602)” by Pedro Ortego Gil, article by José Domingues, PhD in Law, Professor at Universidade Lusíada do Porto


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Ortelius World Map “Typvs Orbis Terrarvm”, 1570
The “Teatro do Globo Terrestre” by Abraão Ortélio, published in 1570 in Antwerp, considered the first modern atlas, the result of intense maritime exploration
Engraving extracted from “Wikipédia – Era dos Descobrimentos”