1834 - 1834

The Commercial Court began its activity

After the approval of the Commercial Code, a new regulatory institution for commerce was created – the Commercial Court – whose activity began on 14th January 1834.
With the creation of this Court, which essentially performed an arbitration function, the entire litigious jurisdiction that belonged to the Court of the Board of Commerce, which was responsible for the Insurance’s House of Lisbon, was revoked, the said Board being extinguished by License of 30th June 1834, as it was considered incompatible with the governmental form established in the Constitutional Charter of 1826.


Document caption
Notice, 12 May 1834
“Notice in which the Presiding Judge of the Commercial Court of the 1st instance informed all traders in the City of Lisbon that, in order to perform their acts, active and passive obligations, to be regulated and protected by the Commercial Law, and to be able to enjoy the benefits and prerogatives granted by the same Law, they must register with the Registry of Commerce of the respective Court of 1st Instance.
COURT OF COMMERCE, Book 1833-1834″


Document extracted from DRE-Legislação Régia 1833-1834, Colecção Legislação, Edital, 12 de Maio de 1834, págs. 165/6