1934 - 1934

First Insurance Workers’ Union

In 1934, the first trade union was created by charter of the then Undersecretary of Corporations, designating itself as Sindicato Nacional dos Empregados das Companhias de Seguros do Distrito de Lisboa – SNECSDL, whose headquarters was at Rua Augusta 100 – 3rd floor, in Lisbon.
At the time, there were about 500 insurance workers.
Its headquarters in Lisbon were respectively:
1934-1935 – Rua Augusta 100 – 3rd floor
1936-1938 – Rua da Palma 64 – 1st floor
1939 until June 2015 – Viscount of Grace Palace, Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 35
Since July 2015 – Avenida Almirante Reis 133 – 4th and 5th floors


Legend of the article
“Synopsis of a life in the service of the workers/ Union Chronology” by José Luís Pais
Images extracted from Febase magazine no. 9, 11th January 2011