1968 - 1968

Marcelo Caetano succeeds António Oliveira Salazar as President of the Council of Ministers

Marcelo Caetano succeeded Oliveira Salazar in 1968. Graduated in Law, he helped in the drafting of the constitution of the Estado Novo, suffraged in 1933.
He has been involved in teaching Law for several decades, began his political career in the forties at the head of Mocidade Portuguesa and held various positions in insurance companies such as Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade and Companhia de Seguros Bonança, as well as in the Insurance Guild.
And for half a dozen years, the country experienced the marcelist spring, an expectation of change that did not come true.
In 1974 he resisted the coup attempt that took place on 16th March, but the same did not happen after a little over a month. More and more alone, on 25th April, surrounded in Carmo’s barracks, he surrenders and delivers the power to General Spínola.
He died in 1980 in Brazil, the country where he had gone into exile.


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Coming to the official office on the first day in function
Image extracted from Fotobiografias Século XX/ Marcello Caetano/ Direcção de Joaquim Vieira/ Círculo de Leitores (2002)