1979 - 1979

Compulsory car Liability Insurance and Creation of the Automotive Guarantee Fund

Automobile liability insurance became required on 1st January 1980, with the publishing of Decree-Law 408/79, of 25th September.
The number of vehicles insured at the time was just over 2 million and the minimum capital insured was the equivalent of EUR 3 500 for light vehicles.
The same decree established the Automotive Guarantee Fund (FGA), under the terms of Regulatory Decree No. 58/79.


Documents caption
Decree-Law No. 408/79, of 25th September 1979
Regulatory Decree No. 58/79, of 25th September 1979
Images extracted from DRE/ Diário da República nº 222/1979, Série I de 1979-09-25, Ministério das Finanças e do Plano – Secretaria de Estado do Tesouro, pages 2507-2513