Império Was
Born Here

When, in 1908, Alfredo da Silva inaugurated the first factory of CUF – Companhia União Fabril, in Barreiro, he already had a whole history as a manager and entrepreneur.

With the usual sense of business opportunity, the Companhia de Seguros Império was founded on July 1, 1942.

Alfredo da Silva died on August 23, 1942, however, José Manuel de Mello, the first chairman of the Board of Directors of the Império, quickly rose to the top of the ranking among Portuguese insurance companies.

Alfredo da Silva left to his successors an always unfinished project, with a motto that did justice to his philosophy of life: “more and better”.

A whole history of the empire to the Empire, told in an exhibition that was shown in the library of Barreiro, but that on the day of the inauguration made possible a visit to the Industrial Museum Baía do Tejo and the house Museum of Alfredo da Silva, in Barreiro.


“The Empire Was Born Here”

Property: CHAPAS-Club History and Portuguese Collection of Insurance Activity

Exhibition venue: Municipal Library of Barreiro

Exhibition Project: Vítor Alegria and Marta Guilherme Cruz

Design and Communication: Raúl Anjos

Institutional Photography: Carlos Nunes Barata

News: Newspaper ROSTOS Year XIV nº 109 Jan/Feb/Mar 2016