A Pátria,
Today would be 100 years

“A group of Alentejo people, united in the same feeling of social progress, decided to lay the foundations for the formation of an insurance company, headquartered in Évora.

Born in the heart of the Alentejo, it aims mainly to serve, under the principles of social security, the vast and rich province of which this city is the capital, endowing it, at the same time, with one more factor that can matter a lot to economic development -financial; however, his will seek to expand, gradually, throughout the Portuguese territory, as an affirmation of the spirit of initiative and perseverance in our region.

Farming, commerce, industry, in short, all those who want to warn their assets and work hard, will find in it, when fully implemented, the plan outlined, the most extensive and suitable means of defense. It is thought to give it the name of “Pátria, Sociedade Alentejana de Seguros”, thus associating to the utilitarian idea the ingrained love of the root ball in which we were born; ”

Like this, Manuel Gomes Fradinho began to read  Pátria’s circular project, on August 24, 1915.

in book: “Mundial Confiança 1913-1988”


“The Homeland, Today would be 100 years”

Property: CHAPAS-Club History and Portuguese Collection of Insurance Activity

Exhibition Venue: University of Évora, Cloisters College Espírito Santo

Exhibition Project: Vítor Alegria and Marta Guilherme Cruz

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Institutional photograph: Carlos Nunes Barata

News: Diário do Sul (Évora), 26/11/2015 and FEBASE, February 2016