The Insurance Company
and the Companies

History, at the right time, wills chancel the idea that 2012 was a very remarkable year for the Portuguese insurance market.

The Portuguese Insurance Institute authorised the merger by incorporation of Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade Mundial, SA and Companhia de Seguros Império Bonança, SA, the largest insurance companies in Portugal.

The acquiring company is represented by Fidelidade Companhia de Seguros, SA.

The memories of companies founded in 1808, 1835, 1913 or 1942, as well as all those that over the years have been incorporated, could not fail to be remembered with deserved dignity.

The CHAPAS Club, without practice in expositive techniques, wanted to awaken and launch the challenge for the interest in the knowledge of the genesis of the insurance companies Bonança, Fidelidade, Mundial-Confiança and Império.

At the opening of the exposition “The Insurance Company and the Companies” were present not only professionals from the insurance companies targeted at the exhibition, but also from the Portuguese Association of Insurers, Portuguese Insurance Institute, Lusitania Insurance Company, among others.

The musical group “Informáticos e Companhia” participated in the event.


“The Insurance Company and the Companies”

Property: CHAPAS-Club History and Portuguese Collection of Insurance Activity

Exhibition venue: Fidelidade Building, R. Alexandre Herculano, 53, Lisbon

Exhibition Project: Vítor Alegria and Isabel Anjos

Design and Communication: Raúl Anjos

Institutional Photography: Carlos Nunes Barata

News: APS News #34 Oct / Nov / Dec 2011