Alexandre O´Neill

Lived between

1924 – 1986 (61 years old)





Alexandre O’Neill was born in Lisbon on 19th december, 1924.
Irish descendant did his high school studies and attended the Nautical School (Piloting Course).

Self-taught, O’Neill was one of the founders, in 1948, of the Surrealist Movement of Lisbon and, as a poet, considered a reference in Portugal.

He has written such works as “Já cá não está quem falou”, “Cadernos de Poesia”, “No Reino da Dinamarca”, ”A Ampola Miraculosa”, which have prestigious him and the portuguese culture.

In the various areas in which he worked, he was a clerk, insurance employee, translator of novels, poetry and scientific manuals, collaborator of newspapers and magazines, author of texts for cinema and theater, television and radio, fado lyricist and one of the most important creative advertisers. He’s the genius of “There’s sea and sea, there’s going back and forth”, a slogan that can be found in the dictionary of portuguese proverbs.

For one year, he was employed by the Metrópole Insurance Company in the automobile claims section.

He died on 21st august 1986.

Maria Antónia Oliveira is the author of the book “Alexandre O’Neill: A Literary Biography”, published in february 2007.