Centenary of A Mundial
The Hundred Years of Accidents at Work

“If it is our obligation to contribute decisively to the construction of the future, reading and rereading the pages of our history is a pleasure and a source of pride.”

Pedro Seixas Vale

“Suddenly the office of the notary Noronha Galvão was experiencing an unusual movement. At shorter and shorter intervals, the stairs creaked under the weight of small groups that gradually filled the room … Finally, the notary entered the room. Without haste, he speaks individually to each of those present, more slowly to some, who always dealt with their business there. Behind him had entered an alpaca-sleeved clerk who diligently spread the necessary papers and ink on the table that occupied the center of the room. After the greetings are over, the notary spins on his own heels, to cover in a circular motion all those present, and launches a – “My Lords!” … On the thirty days of October in the year 1913 … and it is when the underscore of the last signature scratches the paper that noise crackles … The Insurance Company Mundial was founded ”

Fernando Marques da Costa in “Mundial Confiança 1913-1988”


“The Centennial of The World Cup and the 100th Anniversary of the Labor Accident Law”

Property: CHAPAS-Club History and Portuguese Collection of Insurance Activity

Exhibition Venue: Fidelidade, Insurance Company, Rua Alexandre Herculano, 53, Lisbon

Exhibition Project: Vítor Alegria and Marta Guilherme Cruz

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Institutional photograph: Carlos Nunes Barata

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