Fernando Teixeira Homem de Brederode

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Founder of Companhia de Seguros A Nacional

Fernando Teixeira Homem de Brederode is considered a key figure in the insurance industry in Portugal in the first three decades of the 20th century, for his intervention in the regulation and scientific grounds, in particular in the form of life insurance.

Founder of Companhia de Seguros A Nacional in 1906, he was a member of the Insurance Council, created in 1907. It participated in the preparation of the decree of October 21, 1907 that established the conditions of access and exercise in the insurance industry, as well as its supervision. This decree is considered a milestone in the progress and organisation of the insurance industry in Portugal.

Fernando Brederode achieved notoriety in the Actuarial field, from the outset for promoting education in this area of knowledge, by participating in the International Congress of Actuaries; as a member of the first professional association of actuaries, the Association of Portuguese Actuaries (1926).

As an enthusiast and scholar of life insurance, he was a great promoter of insurance activity in several publications, standing out:

Magazine “Seguros e Finanças” with biweekly periodicity. Directed by Fernando Brederode, José A. Quintella, (1906-1927).

“Bases tecnicas das companhias portuguezas de seguros de vida a Nacional, a Lusitana, e Portugal Previdente” / António dos Santos Lucas, Fernando Brederode, Luciano Pereira da Silva. University of Coimbra Press, 1909.

“Insurance issues” / Jornal de Seguros, Lisbon, 1917.

“The surveillance of insurance companies” / National Press, Lisbon, 1928.

“Apontamentos para a história da indústria de seguros em Portugal” / Revista Portuguesa de Seguros, Lisbon, 1933.

He remained connected to the Insurance Company A Nacional until his last days of life.