Maria Júlia Martins

Lived between

1930 – 2017 (87 years old)





Maria Júlia Vicente Rosa Martins was born in Alentejo in 1930, and graduated in 1953 in Economic Sciences, Finance, from ISCEF – Instituto Superior Ciências Económicas e Financeiras, Lisbon.

In 1955 she joined the Insurance Company Tranquilidade, as 3rd clerk, in the life business and calculating reserves in a FACIT calculator.

She was admitted to IAP – Instituto dos Actuários Portugueses in 1961, and in 1973 assumed, for an annuity, the presidency of the board of IAP, returning to function in 1983 e 1984 and 1993 e 1994.

In 1964 she went to England to study Pension Funds at Legal & General. In Portugal, she is considered by many to be the “mother” of Pension Funds, since she had already treated them twenty years before the Decree-Law 396/86 of 25th November.

In 1970 she organized the world meeting of Insurope in Lisbon, with great success.

During the nationalization of insurance, Maria Júlia Martins was in charge of the Tranquilidade Administrative Commission, from 15th March to 31st December 1975.

She was the protagonist of the introduction of banking insurance in Portugal, with great weight and work in the bancassurance BPA / Tranquilidade.

She left the Tranquilidade Insurance Company at the 62 years old, and after a short break returned to his professional activity as chairman of the Banco de Fomento Externo – BFE Insurance, for two and a half years.

Considered a tireless scholar, restless of knowledge, strong personality, fine humor and sarcastic, Dr. Maria Júlia Martins was recognized in the portuguese insurance market and internationally as one of the most prestigious people in Life insurance, because she had a different vision, innovative and broader.