Title of 1 share of Companhia de Seguros Colonial, a limited liability company. Insurance company constituted by deed on January 5, 1916, published in the Government journal of January 11, 1916 (3rd series). The share capital of 1.500.000$00 and is headquartered in Lisbon. The document is topped with no symbol on the insurance sheet of Companhia de Seguros A Colonial. The front of the action title is wrapped with a frame with elements representative of flowers being interrupted with images alluding to agriculture, transport, industry and rail transport. At the bottom and centre of the document are symbols associated with maritime transport and trade, such as the anchor and the caduceus. Below, in the center, is the reference to the Officinas do “Commercio do Porto” where it was printed. The action title has the number 2358, with a nominal value of 100 escudos. Stamp duty is visible. This action is owned by Mr. João Luiz de Sousa & Filho, acquired in Lisbon, on September 20, 1916. Two administrators signed by the Insurer on the white seal. There are no annotations on the remaining three pages. At the bottom of the first page there are two stamps with the words “Pay 1st installment 10%” and “Pay 2nd installment 10%”.




Title of a Share



Dimension (cm)

44 x 27,8

State Conservation





A Colonial, Insurance Company founded in 1916.