Small tray with a rectangular shape, in Vista Alegre porcelain, alluding to the 175th anniversary of Bonança Insurance Company (1808-1983). In the front of the piece, the 1st Bonança Policy is stamped in a golden frieze all around, dated September 30th, 1808, with the following text: “Insures Ângelo José da Silva Freire the amount of twelve contos de réis referring to a property of houses located at the Alcântara Bridge, which go from the south side with the shipyards of Mr. Marquês de Pombal, faces the northern part that divides the bridge and the street that leads to the previously mentioned shipyards, from the east part the river (Alcântara), and on the west side the Vala Velha as it was called; it has four windows facing north and six on the back, first floor and attic, it has three large vault warehouses with only one tenant Francisco Xavier da Silva Freire, the insured’s brother, whose insurance starts today at noon and will end at the same hour and day of the next year 1809 and once the year is ended, this insurance will automatically be renewed for all the years to come as long as one of the parties does not want to dismantle it. Lisbon, September 30th, 1808. Nr.1 Rs 12,000$”. It figures a reference to the Bonança Insurance Company and its Director’s signature, on the right signed by contractor Ângelo José da Silva Freire. Finally, it mentions “Copy of the 1st Policy / the 175th anniversary of Bonança Insurance Company / 1808 – 1983”. On the back, the VA logo and the number 5 assigned to the piece.


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Vista Alegre Porcelain

Dimension (cm)

12,9 x 9,5

State Conservation





Bonança’s first Insurance Policy, issued on 30th September 1808. This is the oldest Fire Policy in Portugal. Piece offered to all employees for the 175th anniversary of Bonança Insurance Company.