Fire insurance policy of “A Pátria, Companhia Alentejana de Seguros”, printed on model 27 – 4000 ex.- 6-945, of 4 pages. On the front page, in the center, the inscription: Pátria / Companhia Alentejana de Seguros, capital of one million escudos, “founded in 1915, with headquarters in Évora and Branch in Lisbon. In the lower half of the front page, the number 136.403 is identified as of this policy and it is also inferred that it is an insurance on property of the insurer itself, in Évora, for a period of one year, from January 1, 1946, with an annual premium of 221 $ 20. cited information is surrounded by an allusion to the historic building linked to the Manueline style, on the second page of the insurance contract it describes the insurance object, dated January 15, 1946 and in a second space the additional minutes nº1, where the insured capital is increased , on February 8, 1946. The third page, with the same space for description, is blank, on the last page the general conditions to which the parties are bound are shown, with mention that they were approved by decree of 27-XI- 915, published in the Govêrno daily nº279-11-Série d and 2-XII-915.




Insurance Policy



Dimension (cm)

28 x 21,6

State Conservation





Pátria, Companhia Alentejana de Seguros was founded in Évora (Portugal) in 1915.