Blotting paper with advertising component to Garantia, Insurance Company. In the center is the symbol of the insurance company: a compass inside a regular octagon. Above the word GARANTIA and alongside the symbol on the left and right the mention Founded / in 1853. Below the identification of the Type of company, Paid-in capital, Reserves, Headquarters, General Agents in Lisbon, Delegations and Agencies. On the left side of the blotting paper, mention is made of the type of insurance sold, and I challenge you to ask for prospects for the stamp of agent Jayme Dias. On the right side, mention of Claims paid, Contacts, Bankers and again the challenge for prospective requests from the insurance company. The back is smooth.


Instruments and Utensils


Office Accessories and Utensils


Blotting paper

Dimension (cm)

20 x 9,5

State Conservation





In the 20th century, while it was common to use ink for writing, blotters were crucial in absorbing the ink after handwriting (do not smudge).