Policy No. 2445 fire insurance company, called Lisboa or Lísia, dated 12 January 1823. In the center of the document, it states that the contract was signed with D. Maria Magdalena de Lima Fonseca Gutier, due to the risk on a property located on Rua de S. Filipe Nery, parish of S. Mamede, with three doors 21 to 23, in the amount of a tale of kings, total amount in case the fire is compensated for all the damage caused by the fire not exceeding the amount insured. At the top of the first page of this policy, there is a table with the symbol of the insurance company where the human figure is crowned and supported on a shield with the inscription Companhia Lisboa, showing on the same side a building on fire. With his right arm he points to an ark full of money to repair the loss. At the foot of the figure is the designation Lisia. In the upper right corner the policy number and the signature of the person who registered it. The terms of the contract are inscribed on the back of the document in three articles, the form of calculating the premium that was found in six percent. Finally, dated and signed by the insurance owner, Joaquim Lourenço Carvalho.







Dimension (cm)

30,5 x 21

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Lisboa or Lísia, Insurance Company, appeared in 1819, exploring only the fire branch. In 1839 it was absorbed by Fidelidade, Insurance Company.