Title of 1 share of Companhia de Seguros O Futuro, a limited liability company. Insurance company constituted by deed on March 8, 1915, published in the Government Gazette of March 11, 1915. The share capital was, at the time, 1.000.000$00 and headquartered in Lisbon. The document is topped with the name Companhia de Seguros O FUTURO on two figures with their eyes fixed on the horizon, surrounded by representations of elements from industry and agriculture. The symbol of the Insurance Company is displayed in red, a hand and a lit torch, wrapped around the top by the name of the Insurance Company and at the bottom the mention of the city of Lisbon, where it was born. The action title has the number 13583, with a nominal value of 50 escudos. Stamp tax is displayed. The owner of this action is owned by D. Maria José da Silva Mendes, acquired in Lisbon, on May 20, 1915. Three administrators sign for the insurer, flanked by the symbol on white stamp. In the final part, on the left, the mention of the Lithography Mata, Lisbon is visible. There are no annotations on the remaining three pages.




Title of a Share



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44,2 x 28

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O Futuro, Insurance Company founded in 1915