Pocket calendar, made of plastic, which shows on the upper front the image of a pigeon holding a toothed wheel in the nozzle. Above the pigeon is the cross of Christ, with a shield reading “A Pátria Seguros” and on the right the inscription “The good messenger announces to you A Pátria and a powerful insurance centre”. On the spokes of the sprocket are announced the branches The Work/ Life/ Theft and Robbery/ Car/ Maritime/ Fire/ Crystal/ Agriculture/ Individual Accidents/ Civil Liability/ Postal/ Land. In the centre of the sprocket there is the symbol of A Pátria: inside a shield, an allegorical representation of A Pátria dressed with a coat of arms, with the Cross of Christ on his chest, and holding a spear with his left hand. The right hand holds the coat of arms of the city of Évora, complemented by the coat of arms of Beja and Portalegre, and the name because the company will be known: “A Pátria”. On the back of the calendar there are two squares with the two semesters separated by the year 1931. Below are the months of the year per semester.


Iconography and Audiovisual





Dimension (cm)

10,7 x 6,5

State Conservation





The first law on accidents at work in Portugal dates back to 1913, when the regulation of occupational diseases was introduced in 1962.