Fire mark insurance, in tinplate, rectangular in shape, on a yellow background, with a fillet around its entire edge. In the center, the symbol of the insurance company: A strong figure of a woman whose noble forehead whose chest is defended by a breastplate, on which the corners are sculpted, under which the Portuguese name has always shone; he raises his protective cloak with his right arm, caressing and protecting two children – the people – who faithfully come to her; the left arm rests and rests on the national shield, interposing, between him and his hand, the peace represented in an olive tree trunk; it leans against the glorious Lusitanian coat of arms on which are seen the heraldic castles of the motherland and, under its feet, the year of foundation 1907 is read, all surrounded by the words Portugal Previdente. The left foot of the plate identifies “the industrial society of Setubal – Setúbal – 2500 copies – March 1952”.


Chapas, Insignias and Trophies


Fire Mark Insurance



Dimension (cm)

21,5 x 16

State Conservation





Fire mark insurance, with four holes to be fixed on the front of buildings whose owner had contracted a policy on fire risk.