Title of 5 shares of A Paz Insurance Company, a public limited company. Insurer authorized by decree no. 1186, of 24th December 1917, to exercise the insurance and reinsurance industry, with a capital of thousand escudos and head office in Lisbon. In the lower half of the front page it is identified that the 5 shares are numbered between 6611 and 6615, with a nominal value of 500 escudos. The stamp duty is displayed. The holder of these shares belong to Mr. Jayme Roque de Pinho, acquired in Lisbon on January 2, 1918. Two administrators (Carlos Oliveira and another not readable) sign for the Insurance Company on white stamp. In the final part, on the left, is visible the plan of instalments and mention of Litografia Nacional – Porto. At the bottom of the first page, a dove with an olive branch in its beak and the inscription A Paz, in the same tones, flanked by spherical compositions, can be seen in white and cream. On the 2nd page are recorded the years 1918 and 1919, with a signature reproduced by rubber stamp. Nothing else appears on pages three and four.




Title of a Share



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29 x 21,7

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A Paz, Insurance Company founded in 1917.