The Knowledge of the Past to Hold the Future

“Can man change the past? Yes. Not the facts themselves, but the importance attached to them.”

José Luís Nunes Martins

The CHAPAS Club celebrated its first anniversary on 3rd march, 2012.

In one sense it marked the annual commemoration of an important day, in another it experienced, above all, a process of valuing the memories of the insurance market, through contact with the entities and people of the insurance in Portugal, including the guests of european countries.

It was in this context that Groupama Seguros made available its gallery Espaço Groupama.ARTE, where it normally exhibits works of art, for an exposition planned and executed by the CHAPAS Club team.

Still with a modest estate, consisting of ashtrays, paperweights, policies and other business documentation, office machinery, fire and car insurance marks, large posters … the exposition “The Knowing of the Past to Hold the Future” was held.

This theme became, definitively, one of the mottos of the Club History and Portuguese Collection of Insurance Activity.