Today would be 80 Years,
Insurance Guild

“If the greatness of a nation and the nobility of its people are judged by history,” then “it is incumbent on all of us to contribute to its spreading”

José António de Arez Romão

The objective of the exhibition “Hoje seriam 80 anos – Grémio dos Seguradores” is to show the role of this employer association, with functions of orientation and supervision of the insurance industry in Portugal, 1934 – 1975, of which all the national and foreign companies that exercised the referred activity in Portugal were obligatorily part.

On the opening day, Prof. José Figueiredo Almaça (president of the Insurance Institute of Portugal), Dr. Pedro Seixas Vale (president of the Portuguese Insurance Association) and the Tranquilidade Board of Directors led by Dr. Rui Leão Martinho were present.

It is important to celebrate the past and believe in evolution. An anniversary is the right time to take stock, but it is also a way to honor and remember what was important, and never be forgotten.