1569 – The Great Prague come to Portugal

Since 1563, the Black Death has been in Europe, reaching the areas of Zaragoza, Logronho and Navarra, Bilbao, Burgos, and other regions north of Meseta and west. It then arrived in Seville, Galicia and finally Lisbon, irradiating to some peripheral areas.
Upon arriving in Lisbon, he did so with exceptional violence, causing 60 thousand deaths.
The epidemic lasted from July 1569 until the spring of 1570, starting its decline.
Municipal Archive of C. M. Lisboa, Cadernos 2ª série, pág. 254/5 Lisboa na confluência das rotas comerciais: efeitos na saúde pública (séculos XV a XVII)” by António Augusto Salgado de Barros
Picture extracted from blog of John Soares “…Histórias – E Outras Coisas…”