1959, 13th August – Large fire destroys São Domingos Church in Lisbon

Built in the 13th century by D. Sancho II, it was partially destroyed by the 1531 earthquake and rebuilt in 1536.
But in 1959 it ploughed one of the biggest fires in the city of Lisbon, perhaps caused by a nearby chimney gully. Firefighters, volunteers, and sappers from the city of Lisbon, a total of 300 men, fought the fire. Two fire-fighters died in mourning.
Most of the damage was incalculable and not covered by insurance. Altars were lost in gilded woodcarvings, valuable images, and paintings from the baroque period.
Although recovered, it still shows traces of this fire that will have become one of the most serious situations faced by Portuguese firefighters.
Official site of the Portuguese Fire Brigade, History and Museological Heritage Nucleus, “O incêndio na Igreja de São Domingos”, research/text by Luís Miguel Baptista, 31st August 2016
Pictures extracted from twitter “Lisboa” da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, cover and inside of “O Século Ilustrado” magazine