1964, 1st December – Fire at the Teatro Dona Maria II, in Lisbon

The inauguration of the National Theater been held on 13th April 1846, at the time of Queen Dona Maria II’s birthday, and called Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II.
But on the first day of December 1964 a violent fire destroyed it so badly that only the outer walls remained. The reconstruction took 14 years, reopening on the night of 11th May 1978.
Blog “Cais da Memória/ Em 1964 o Teatro D. Maria II é destruído por um incêndio”, 2nd December 2017
Left Picture, extracted from official site of the Portuguese Fire Brigade, History and Museological Heritage Nucleus, “Teatro e(m) chamas”, research/text by Luís Miguel Baptista, 4th April 2017
Right Picture, extracted from Archive DN/ “Coleção comemorativa – Postais dos 150 anos do Diário de Notícias” – CHAPAS Club Collection