1967, 25th November – Floods in and around Lisbon

On the night of November 25 to 26, 1967, heavy rains fell uninterruptedly over several regions of the country, reaching 170L/m2 per hour, causing one of the major disasters in Portugal. The Greater Lisbon region, from Cascais to Alenquer, was particularly affected.
As a direct consequence of the floods there was a high number of deaths and homes destroyed, resulting in thousands of homeless people.
Left Picture, extracted from Gforum/ Sociologia, “A tragédia que Salazar quis esconder – Cheias de 1967 em Lisboa” by Nelson14, 9th March 2018
Right Picture, extracted from Hemeroteca Digital official website, C. M. Lisboa, Efemérides, “as cheias de 1967”, newspaper cover “República” of 26th November 1967